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McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast Here we discuss Chapter 8 in which we discuss how many laws Harry can break, Harry’s hidden musical prowess and the power of aliases. Dead Beat Chapter 8 Summary: Harry squares off with the hooded pair of wizards Read More ...
McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast Here we discuss Chapter 7 in which Harry abandons the shocked Butters to quasi flirt with a magical librarian with photographic memory. Dead Beat Chapter 7 Summary: Harry leaves Butters at his apartment to go to Bock Ordered Read More ...
McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast Here we discuss Chapter 6 in which we observe the power of denial, irresponsible gun storage, zombie functions, and the divinity of the lich. Dead Beat Chapter 6 Summary: Harry takes the time to explain the supernatural world Read More ...

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McAnally’s Blood Rites Code Event

Jes has devised a code for you during our 12th season for Blood Rites! If you are clever and can see into the depths of Jes’ mad mad mind there are perks! First, you’re twisted. Second, if you are the first to answer the call…

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Spring Break!

Hey all! Now that we’ve finished Blood Rites for the McAnally’s Pubcast, we’re going to take a 2 week break. We’ll be back on April 19th with our first episode covering Dead Beats! Have a great Easter!

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100th Episode Giveaway

Happy 100th Episode celebration! As we’ve briefly mentioned, our 100th episode is upon us, and we are insanely proud of ourselves! To celebrate, we want to send out some merch to a few lucky random listeners. All you’ve got to do to enter is follow us…

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Post Holiday Time Off

Hi Folks! Just an announcement that we’re taking a bit of a break post holidays. Between moving, traveling, and life in general, we’ve decided that we’re going to take January off for a much needed break. We’ll be back in February to continue on our…

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Time for some R&R

Break Time! We will be taking a 5 week break. Now that Grave Peril is wrapping up, the ladies of Free Flow Rambling are taking small hiatus. Time for refreshing and recharging! We will return with Summer Knight on July 1st. Our socials will still…

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Join a fantastic community of like-minded Dresden fans in our Discord server! Learn new things about this long-running series. Make new friends and chat about the great books by Jim Butcher. Hear different perspectives on well-loved tomes. We are active and listening – tune in…

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McAnally's Pubcast focuses on discussing the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher highlighting the plot development, characters, and lore. As long-time fans of the books themselves, the hosts strive to provide new insights into the series and the writing behind it, appealing to both established fans of Dresden and newcomers alike. The commentary is chock-full of facts, opinions, humour, sarcasm, mutual love of everything Dresden, and good-natured arguments in an attempt to draw attention to the aspects of the series that are relatable to real life, and to provoke thought and discussions among the listeners.

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My go to podcast for everything Dresden related! Keep it coming!

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This podcast is leaps and bounds better than others I’ve heard.


Loved the podcast. It’s really great to follow up the stories while having deeper discussions.

I’m looking forward to the next episode.


Followed on Spotify and listened to first episode! Was a really good listen! Looking forward to more episodes.


I listened on my drive Friday evening. Really enjoyed it. I’ll keep tuning in!