Dresden Files Links and Resources

The Dresden Files Links and Resources

Here are a few of some of our favourite Dresden Files sites we use as reference or are just great sites in general!

Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher’s very own website is the first and foremost source to find out about upcoming books and events.

Word of Jim Butcher

The Word of Jim website (WoJ) website is a compilation of collected information that Jim Butcher has dropped outside of books themselves. WoJ was originally hosted on the forum boards, to archive all the extra details and minutiae about the series. This is an incredible resource that helps develop the lush landscape of the world of Dresden.

Paranet Online

The community forum formerly known as JimButcherOline for Jim Butcher is now the fan run ParanetOnline. This is the ultimate in book discussions beyond our podcast – just be wary of spoilers!

Series Time Lines

Curious about what books happen when, how old characters are at certain points, and how events of the past fall relative to one another?  The Series Timeline compiled is the definitive resource on the subject.

The Dresden Files Fan Wiki

A Fandom website allowing collaborative open editing by the fans of the book. A treasure trove of additional reference information!

Free Flow Rambling Podcasts

Interested in finding more podcasts by our team? We’re big fans of fantasy and the macabre. We plan to create many more podcasts for your entertainment!

Dresden Files RPG Wiki

Unfortunately the RPG Wiki has since closed, but the mentioned link has a copy of the website. Anyone who is an avid table top player will want a copy.

Penguin Random House Publishing

Are you missing any of the books and need to buy any of the series? You can get all the formats here from the publisher, Ebooks, Audio, Hardcover or Paper Back.

Reference: Jim Butcher’s Community References

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