Chronological Order of Jim Butcher’s Series

A Chronological Order of Jim Butcher’s Series

The Reading order for the McAnally’s Pubcast

Want to Follow Along?

We’ve kicked off our pubcast with the first book in Jim Butcher’s series, Storm Front, but after Storm Front we plan to be going by chronological order, starting with a short story set in the 1800s; A Fistful of Warlocks.

While the cast has read the whole series, we understand a lot of fans have missed some or all of the short stories, graphic novels and other timeline tidbits, so McAnally’s Pubcast won’t include spoilers for anything not yet covered on our podcast. So you can be sure that you’re up to date with all the facts, you can follow along and read in the same order we do, or wait for us to break it down!

Be aware, once covered on the podcast, anything is fair game for reference. That being said, we’ve compiled a list based on the order that we will be using, all chronological, with the exception of Storm Front, which we decided should be our first area of focus, seeing as how it’s both book 1, and the first legitimate publication of the Dresden Files.

Before you dive into the list, take note Jim Butcher re-references all of his content, even the events that took place outside of the main books, so the graphic novels, short stories, novellas, micro-fictions and comics are all as relevant as the main series, so if you’re wanting to find these for yourself, we’ve created a legend to help organize all the different medias. Please note that all dates are approximations as they are of when they’re set in the timeline, not when they were published.

♦ BOOK’s  (19)
♥ SHORT STORIES (From 1 of 3 Anthologies: Side Jobs (SJ) , Brief Cases (BC), or TBA Anthology + A Novella)  (28)
♠ MICRO-FICTION’s (On (JBW)) (7)

♥ A Fist Full of Warlocks (1883) BC
♥ Restoration of Faith (1998) SJ
♣ Welcome to the Jungle (1999) GN
♦ Storm Front (March 2000)
♦ Full Moon (October 2000)
♣ Ghoul Goblin (November 2000) GN
♥ B is for Bigfoot (2001) BC, GN
♦ Grave Peril (October 2001)
♦ Summer Knight (June 2002)
♦ Death Masks (February 2003)
♥ Vignette (2003-2004) SJ
♦ Blood Rites (Late Autumn 2004)
♦ Dead Beats (Halloween 2005)
♥ I Was a Teenage Bigfoot (November 2005) BC, GN
♣ War Cry (March 2006) GN
♥ Something Borrowed (Spring 2006) SJ
♦ Proven Guilty (July 2006)
♦ White Night (May 2007)
♣ Downtown (Feb 2008) GN
♥ It’s My Birthday Too (Feb 2008) SJ
♣ Wild Card (2008) GN
♠ Mike (2008) JBW
♣ Dogmen (2008) GN
♥ Heorot (October 2008) SJ
♦ Small Favour (November 2008)
♥ Backup (March 2009) SJ
♥ The Warrior (2009) SJ
♥ Day Off (2009) SJ
♥ Curses (Summer 2009) BC
♥ AAAA Wizardry (Early 2010) BC
♥ Last Call (March 2010) SJ
♦ Turn Coat (Summer 2010)
♠ Journal (Summer 2010) JBW
♥ Bigfoot on Campus (October 2010) BC, GN
♥ Even Hand (March 2011) BC
♥ Love Hurts (September 2011) SJ
♦ Changes (October 2011)
♠ Goodbye (October 2011) JBW
♥ Aftermath (October 2011) SJ
♦ Ghost Story (May 2012)
♥ Bombshells (September 2012) BC
♦ Cold Days (October 2012)
♥ Cold Case (Nov 2012) BC
♦ Skin Games (Feb 2014)
♥ Jury Duty (May 2014) BC
♥ Day One (May 2014) BC
♥ Zoo Days (May 2014) BC
♥ Monsters (2014) TBA  Anthology, and Parallel Worlds: The Heroes Within, a multi-author anthology.
♠ Job Placement (2014) JBW
♠ Everything the Light Touches (2014) JBW
♦ Peace Talks (July 2014)
♦ Battle Ground (July 2014)
♠ Little Things (2014) TBA  Anthology, and Heroic Hearts, a multi-author anthology.
♠ The Law (2014) Novella on it’s own.
♠ Christmas Eve (December 2014) JBW
♠ The Good People (December 2014) JBW
♦ Twelve Months (July 2014-July 2015)  (Not Yet Released)
♦ Mirror Mirror (N/A) (Not Yet Released)

And finally; The Dresden Files have 3.5 RPG books, (using the FATE system, a derivative form of Dungeons and Dragons) filled with lore and commentary from a variety of characters in the DF universe. Some of these books are widely available and some have been out of print for years. Due to a slightly insane eBay bid, we have all 4 books, and will also use them as reference points when relevant, but we will advise when that happens. Those books are as follows:

Volume 1: Your Story
Volume 2: Our World
Volume 3: Paranet Papers
Dresden Files RPG Accelerated Version (+ “We’ll Always Have Parish” Companion Game on Roll20)

Navigating our Podcast

Episodes will be labelled with both a number, the source material and our episode title, but for quick recall, the numbers are arranged to denote Subject Material and # of Episode’s related to that source material, eg. Episode 001 is titled “1.1 Storm Front: I’m a Wizard; Harry”.

The first number 1 is equal to Storm Front, and the second number is equal to the order of episodes relating to Storm Front. If you refer to the above list, you can guess that A Fistful of Warlocks will be 2.1, and A Restoration of Faith will be 3.1, and so on and so forth.

As a last note, The Jim Butcher website has a great fan-compiled timeline, and a lot of it is similar to our own, but if you’re looking for more info, you can check that timeline out here: X.

Thank you so much, and happy reading! (And listening!)

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