Guest Episodes!

We have a ton of Dresden Fans in our inner circles, so we’ve asked many of them to come on the podcast. Below is a list of which episodes they’ve appeared in!

Do you want to be a guest on the show? That’s a benefit of one of our Patreon tiers! Get active in our discord and we’ll invite you on.

Without further adieu…

Jay’s Episodes:

1.4    Accountant with a Gun (Storm Front)
1.5    Are You Really Gonna Drink That? (Storm Front)
5.9    Snoop-garou (Fool Moon)
5.10  Manic Magic (Fool Moon)

Amber’s Episodes:

1.6   Vampire Bat
5.6   On the Lam

Andreas’ Episodes:

1.11  Elevator, Whoosh, Smash, Bding!
5.3    Promises Made, Promises Kept
5.11  Ballroom Blitz
5.12  I Am the Burger King

Michael’s (@veekerstudios) Episodes:

5.6   On the Lam
5.7   Sex to Donuts
5.8   Naked Earlobes

Matt’s (@stellarhewes) Episodes:


5.13   Dressed for Success
5.14   Big Bad Wolves


Huge thank you to our guests as always <3

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