1.1 Storm Front: I’m a Wizard; Harry

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Episode 1 – I’m a Wizard; Harry

Welcome to our very first Dresden Files podcast! In this episode we introduce ourselves, discuss the book Storm Front as a whole, and delve into the first chapter of the book. We meet Harry Dresden, Wizard and Private Investigator for Hire!

Storm Front Chapter 1 Summary:

Here we start off the first chapter of the first book with an introduction to the titular character, Mr. Harry Dresden, himself. We meet Harry in his office building, killing time with no current case.

He soon receives a call from a nervous woman looking for her missing husband. Dresden’s not sure if this if the type of situation he can help with, but makes an appointment to discuss the details further, in person. On the heels of that call, he receives another from the Chicago PD – Special Investigations division.

Harry has done some work for them in the past, but this time it’s a little weightier with a double-murder having been committed.

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