1.2 Storm Front: Green Eyes and Broken Hearts

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Welcome to the second Dresden Files podcast episode of The McAnally’s Pubcast. Today we’re discussing the second and third chapters of Jim Butcher’s Storm Front.

Storm Front Chapter 2 Summary:

Harry leaves a note for his 2:00pm missing person’s appointment, then walks the few blocks from his office to the Madison Hotel to see how he can help with the police investigation. We meet Lt. Karrin Murphy, with whom Harry has worked before, and discover that a call girl and a mafia enforcer have been murdered, horribly, and by no means that could be achieved other than by magic. Harry is mortified, not simply in the humanity-of-the-situation way, but doubly-so that someone could have perverted the use of magic in this way. He relays his initial impressions and findings to Murphy and her partner, and then rushes off to make his appointment. He is stopped quickly and persuaded to accept a ride back to his office from none other than mob boss, Gentleman Johnny Marcone.

Storm Front Chapter 3 Summary:

On the surface, Marcone doesn’t look like an intimidating organized-crimelord, but he is just that and rules Chicago-land. Marcone wants to hire Harry to not investigate the murder at the Madison, offering Harry 2 full weeks of pay. Harry, of course, doesn’t agree to that, and in his refusal of Marcone’s offer, they lock eyes. Cue Soul Gaze. Harry initially thinks he’s getting one up on Gentleman Johnny, but after the soul gaze is complete he realizes that Marcone manipulated him and that Marcone got more out of it than Harry did. This rattles Harry. He does his best not to let it show how much it’s thrown him. Marcone backs off on his attempt to get Dresden to stay out of ‘his’ business, and Harry is dropped off outside of his office building.

Now grab yourself an ale, and enjoy our Dresden Files Podcast Episode 2: Green Eyes and Broken Hearts!

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