1.4 Storm Front: Accountant with a Gun

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Episode 4: An Accountant with a Gun

In this episode we discuss Chapter 7 in which we are introduced to Morgan.

Storm Front Chapter 7 Summary:

We are introduced to Morgan – essentially Harry’s Probation Officer from the White Council. There isn’t a lot of love lost between these two, and we learn Morgan is a very ‘by-the-book’ type of guy and doesn’t think much of Harry, personally or professionally. Seems Harry has a record regarding magical murder and even though he evaded the death penalty at the hands of the White Council with a self-defence plea, many (including Morgan) don’t have much faith in, or respect for, Harry Dresden. Morgan tries to trump up a charge against Harry regarding his recent interaction with Toot-Toot, but Harry manages to call his bluff and eventually Morgan backs down. Morgan is aware of the murders at the Madison, and Harry informs him that he’s consulting on the case, so if Morgan has any info to share that’d be great – Morgan basically just laughs in Harry’s face. Apparently Morgan, (therefore meaning the White Council in general), figures Harry is a heck of a prime suspect and they’re gonna prove it and bring him down. Harry slugs Morgan, Morgan slugs Harry back, and Harry slinks home to have a private little panic attack.

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