1.8 Storm Front: Double Date

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

This Episode discusses Chapter 13 and 14 in which Dresden tackles Dating and Demons.

Storm Front Chapter 13 Summary:

Harry wakes up later in the evening not really sure what time it is, other than ‘very dark’, and with a wild spring storm raging about outside the old boarding house. He has barely had time to get up and get mobile – and take in Mister acting a little off – when there comes a knock at his door. Linda Randall, riiight – info-gathering date. He opens the door to find Susan Rodriguez gracing his doorstep and suddenly Harry remembers that he also had an actual ‘date’ date tonight! Well crap. Susan clocks his distress, despite Harry’s (admittedly weak) attempt to hide it, and he shambles off to shower and dress. Mid-shampoo he catches a shadow passing his bathroom window, hears Susan heading to answer the door, and frantically scrambles to vacate the shower and don a towel in the vain hope of inserting himself between the two women and thus offsetting the inevitable cat fight about to erupt. Harry arrives just in time to spot a toad demon in the doorway, and shoves a stunned and speechless Susan out of the way. The demon is momentarily delayed by the threshold of Harry’s small apartment, but Dresden isn’t prepared for the sudden invasion, and the most useful weapon for the immediate situation, his .38, is inconveniently stored in the sub-basement at this time. Harry does his best to distract and delay the demon while directing Susan down the stairs to said sub-basement, and the meager safety offered therein. Harry eventually remembers the escape potion he brewed up the night before and instructs Susan to drink it and then concentrate hard on being somewhere that is other! Susan does as requested, but the potion appears to have no effect, and in desperation she emerges with Harry’s ridiculously large gun and proceeds to unload it in the direction of the advancing toad dude. That has virtually no effect, either, and Harry drags both himself and Susan back down to his lab and to the protective brass circle he has embedded there in the concrete floor. Susan starts getting flirty, and handsy, and while admonishing Bob for his failure of an escape potion, Bob reveals that the potion didn’t, in fact, fail; Susan merely drank the wrong one!

Storm Front Chapter 14 Summary:

With dawning horror and regret, Harry realizes that Susan has consumed the stupid love potion and is now oblivious to anything else but bedding Harry right here, right now! This proves to be a little inconvenient, under the circumstances, and Harry is hard-pressed (ba dum ching!) to get his hands on the correct potion and flee the lab before the violent, acid-spitting toad demon can figure out where they went. Splitting the potion doesn’t take them very far from the apartment, but Harry immediately tries to get them moving in the direction of a source of running water a couple blocks away, which should disrupt the demon’s energy enough to dispel him for the time-being. The double-whammy of mixing the potions does her in, and Susan and is unable to keep up with Harry, or move at all, really, for that matter. At that moment a shadowy figure makes an immaterial appearance to taunt and ridicule Harry, but things don’t go quite as planned for the new arrival .The Shadowman redirects the demon toward Harry and Susan, but Harry magically feels out the creep’s credentials, finds him wanting, and bitch slaps him out of the picture. Harry has some sudden inspiration regarding the natural power contained within the storm and channels it to dispatch the toad demon as it catches up to them. Tired, frazzled, and smoking slightly, Harry, and a rather sickly Susan, are thus found by a pair of patrol cops, and rounded up.

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