1.12 Storm Front: Sight Seeing

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This Episode discusses Chapter 24 and 25 in which Harry uses his sight on the lake house and confronts Victor and the Beckitts in a windy flourish.

Storm Front Chapter 24 Summary:

Harry drives hell-bent for leather and makes it out to the lake house in decent time, managing to arrive ahead of the worst of the storm.

Not having time to waste on doing a slow careful examination of the surroundings to check for magical boobytraps and wards, Harry gathers himself and opens his Third Eye.

Harry sees terrible and horrible things surrounding Victor’s Palace of Putrid Power, but no waiting traps, as such. For a moment he wrestles with the idea of just unleashing his power and destroying the house and everything in it, but that would be using magic to kill and Harry won’t let himself cross that line, no matter that the cost may ultimately be his own life.

So Harry takes a deep breath, steel his nerves and strides forward into the unknown danger awaiting him.

Storm Front Chapter 25 Summary:

Dresden encounters no resistance on his approach to the front door and enters unhindered and apparently unnoticed.

There are several boxes and crates of the ThreeEye drug and its potion-making ingredients. Harry can hear the same CD from the Madison playing, the thunder of the storm building, and Victor chanting in another room. Becoming overwhelmed by the sensations of the Sight in general, and all the dark and negative energy in particular, Harry shuts off the arcane-assisted vision and makes a flashy entrance to finally confront Victor Sells face to face.

Victor’s surprise at being interrupted only lasts a moment and he moves to finish the spell to kill Dresden. Harry reacts by chucking the empty film canister at Vic, and while it’s not much, it’s sufficient to break the magic circle around the wicked warlock.

A fast and furious exchange takes place wherein Victor hurls fire and scorpions, the Beckitts (there to assist in the ritual against Harry) hurl bullets and Harry hurls himself in order to dodge the incoming missiles

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