1.13 Storm Front: Conjure By It At your Own Risk

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

This Episode discusses Chapter 26 and 27 in which Dresden battles Victor and manages to win!

Storm Front Chapter 26 Summary:

The Beckitts leave to bring the car sound and Victor calls up the toad demon and Harry hides behind a kitchen counter for cover.

Harry intercedes and cuts Vic’s control over the demon, leaving it free to go after the Shadowman, but also effectively trapping both humans in the burning, beastie-infested house. The two men grapple again, overbalancing over the railing into the sunken living room-turned-scorpion-pit below. Harry remembers that Murphy’s cuffs are still on him and snaps the free end around one of the railing spindles to prevent him falling all the way, but Victor isn’t so lucky.

Exhausted and injured, Harry dangles there figuring that the end is nigh and that if demons and giant bugs don’t devour him, then the raging fire surely will.

Defeated and hungry, he wonders if he isn’t hallucinating when he sees Morgan approaching, sword drawn, and figures it won’t be death by fire or flaying after all. Just great.

Storm Front Chapter 27 Summary:

So… turns out Morgan wasn’t bringing his sword down on Harry’s neck, but rather the chain linking the bracelets of the handcuffs. Go figure.

After blacking out in the smoke-filled house, Harry awakens to Morgan performing CPR on him and realizes that Morgan has saved his life. Harry is more than a little surprised by this, but Morgan had seen how things had played out and that Harry was ultimately not responsible for the rash of mystical murders, and, despite still not particularly liking or trusting Harry, Morgan’s personal code of conduct would not allow him to stand by and let Harry die for the actions of another.

Although grateful for the rescue, Harry still doesn’t harbour a lot of affection for Morgan, either, and takes some pleasure in knowing that Morgan will have to defend Harry and his actions at the council meeting that Morgan originally convened for the purpose of doing the exact opposite.

Harry himself misses the conclave, as he is busy recuperating in the hospital, as is Murphy, who has survived her scorpion poison overdose. 

The police find the remains of the ThirdEye stash at the burned-out lake house, Victor is deemed the bad guy, Monica and her family disappear into witness protection and Marcone makes it known that Dresden was working at his behest to deal with the rival drug lord wanna-be.

Bob returns from his shore leave, Susan prints an article about the events of her hijacked date with Dresden, Harry keeps his word to send pizza to Toot-Toot and Co., and makes some peace with himself about power and temptation.

For the moment things are quiet again, and as they should be…

But if not….Harry Dresden is in the book.

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