5.2 Fool Moon: Crying Wolf

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 3 to 5 of Fool Moon in which Dresden and Murphy make amends, and Dresden discovers teenage wolf leather night.

Fool Moon Chapter 3 Summary:

Murphy and Dresden return to her car but before they leave Dresden confronts Murphy about last spring. Murphy makes Harry promise her to not hold any more secrets.

Fool Moon Chapter 4 Summary:

Murphy drives Harry back to his car. She tells him about the Internal Affairs investigation that happened as a result of the rumours of Dresden working with Marcone. Dresden notices a car is following them.

Fool Moon Chapter 5 Summary:

Dresden uses magic to attempt to locate the murderer. He stumbles over a group of young people who appear to be following an older woman. Dresden is unable to find out who they are, however, because the woman seems aware that he is there and they escape.

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