5.4 Fool Moon: Cops, Critters and Cons

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

This Episode discusses Chapter 8 & 9 of Fool Moon in which Dresden drops off a werewolf report for Murphy and drops in on a gang of lycanthropes.

Fool Moon Chapter 8 Summary:

Dresden stops at the Police Department to drop off his report to Murphy. He is intercepted by Agent Denton while Internal Affairs is interviewing Murphy. Agent Denton offers to drop off his report for him. On Dresden’s way out Agent Harris offers a tip and asks him to look into the StreetWolves biker gang.

Fool Moon Chapter 9 Summary:

Going off a secret lead from the FBI, Harry finds himself at the Full Moon Garage, apparent territory of the up and coming Street Wolves. Harry quickly finds himself outnumbered and out of depth and does his best to retreat. After a harsh soul gaze, Harry escapes to his office, only to find another sort of wolf.

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