5.7 Fool Moon: Sex to Donuts

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

We are examining Chapter 14-16. Dresden interrogates MacFinn but is rudely interrupted by the police. Susan fortunately comes to the rescue.

Chapter 14 Summary

Harry wakes up in a hotel, bandaged and bruised. He tries to get answers from Tera West but is unable to get the answers he is looking for. The two leave the hotel to go find MacFinn in the woods but are both apprehended by an unknown assailant.

Chapter 15 Summary

Harry manages to stun his assailant to find out it is MacFinn. The situation diffuses and the three head to MacFinn’s camp. Dresden gets some answers from MacFinn but they are shortly disrupted by Murphy and Carmichael on a path to apprehend.

Chapter 16 Summary

Dresden escapes to the Gas Station and meets up with Tera West. He finds out that MacFinn was apprehended and brought Downtown to the Police Department. Harry contacts Susan who comes to their rescue. They make their way to Dresden’s apartment to collect some items and then go to the Police Department to try to get to MacFinn before he makes his devastating change.

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