5.9 Fool Moon: Snoop Garou

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

We examine Chapter 19 & 20 of Fool Moon in which Dresden ruins a snoopy doll and has a chat with his Subconscious about his life choices.

Fool Moon Chapter 19 Summary:

Dresden confronts the loup-garou amidst the chaos and carnage. Murphy attempts to take a kill shot but has run out of bullets. Dresden uses a spell and knocks the beast through the wall and out the building. He uses a binding spell to disable MacFinn.

Fool Moon Chapter 20 Summary:

Dresden finds himself in a dream in which he is confronted by his Subconscious.  Harry goes over the current facts, his past and how to deal with his future. He is then woken by Tera West who lets him know they are being followed.

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