5.10 Fool Moon: Manic Magic

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

This Episode discusses Chapter 21 & 22 in which Dresden practices car stunts, downs an extreme energy drink and goes to a garage ‘spa’ to recover.

Fool Moon Chapter 21 Summary:

Dresden makes a rushed plan in the car, telling Susan to pull off the expressway. As she does Harry flings himself out of the vehicle, downs the energy potion and takes on the Street Wolves. Having nearly saved himself the energy potion wears off and the Street Wolves capture Harry.

Fool Moon Chapter 22 Summary:

Harry wakes up in the Full Moon Garage, partially mended and tied to a post. Dresden almost manages to release himself from his bonds when Parker and FlatNose return. Dresden tries to antagonize Parker into leaving the room but his plan backfires, leaving him moments from death.

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