5.11 Fool Moon: Ballroom Blitz

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

This Episode discusses Chapter 23 & 24 in which Dresden experiments with contract law, hits an all time low with his magic and takes on one of the great wolves with a wrench, some hope, and a prayer.

Fool Moon Chapter 23 Summary:

Harry is briefly saved by Marcone and Hendrix. Marcone repeats his offer to have Dresden work for him. Harry pretends to want to sign the contract which results a violent attack from Parker on Hendrix and Marcone. Harry manages to escape only to be faced with the now wolf shaped FBI agents outside. Harry retreats to the back of the Garage and hides.

Fool Moon Chapter 24 Summary:

A rescue attempt is made by Tera West and the Alpha’s to get Dresden out of the garage via escape tunnel. While Dresden is making his escape, Parker is caught and slaughtered by the FBI wolves. Outside Dresden joins the fight with Tera and the Alpha’s against Rogers in his wolf form.

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