6.3 Ghoul Goblin: The Nature of Spirit

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we are discussing the Third and Fourth issue of the Graphic Novel Ghoul Goblin in which Dresden makes friends with some spirits and finds a two timing ghoulfriend.

Novel Summary:

Harry Dresden, a Chicago private investigator and wizard, heads to a small, isolated Missouri town terrorized by Nevernever monsters. The singularly unfortunate Talbot family has suffered a curse that has decimated their number for generations, and only our hero can save them… that is, if he can survive hostile lawmen, the dark secrets of townsfolk, an ancient guardian spirit, and two deadly carnivores! Can Dresden cleanse the Talbot bloodline of its curse without a blood sacrifice of his own?

Episode 3 Summary:

Another blighted brother, a sad, sad soulgaze, and a little chit-chat with a cute cat…

Dresden fails to save Joseph Talbot, but gains more insight into the misunderstood man and his family troubles.

Harry calls up a nature spirit for intel on the bad guys’ feud and the Talbots’ bloodline curse, and the spirit arranges a meeting for the next night.

Turns out the arranged encounter is with a guardian serpent that seems less than eager to lend a hand.

Dresden also has Pres set up a face-to-face with the three youngest Talbots, tries to get some answers out of Mayor Cedar, and ham-handedly figures out the identity of the ghoul.

Not all of that goes well for Harry…

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