6.4 Ghoul Goblin: Blood Magic

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

We discuss Ep5&6 of Ghoul Goblin, in which Harry spends time in a prison cell, and dispatches some nasties with a little help from a Djinn.

Novel Summary:

Harry Dresden, a Chicago private investigator and wizard, heads to a small, isolated Missouri town terrorized by Nevernever monsters. The singularly unfortunate Talbot family has suffered a curse that has decimated their number for generations, and only our hero can save them… that is, if he can survive hostile lawmen, the dark secrets of townsfolk, an ancient guardian spirit, and two deadly carnivores! Can Dresden cleanse the Talbot bloodline of its curse without a blood sacrifice of his own?

Episode 4 Summary:

An irrational imprisonment, a stubborn sister, a sexy senior, a kick-ass cop, and a magical martyr.

Harry’s been erroneously imprisoned following Alex Talbot’s death and Pres promptly informs the grieving Maddie that she’s down another brother. Somewhat weirdly she seems more concerned about Dresden?!?

Meanwhile, Mayor Cedar pulls rank and gets Harry released and we learn she has a sort of… spiritual spouse? from her time in Egypt.

Dresden presses the Mayor into service watching over the remaining Talbots, Pres gets decked out in his best Rambo gear, and he and Harry head out to duel the battling baddies.

The bloodline curse may successfully be broken, but will anyone be left to benefit from Harry’s efforts?

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