8.2 Grave Peril: Axe Axe Axe, Whack Whack Whack

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we discuss Chapter 2-4 in which Dresden treats a ghost like a lady, and a lady like a liar.

Grave Peril Chapter 2 Summary:

Harry and Michael close in a malevolent spirit, Agatha Hagglethorn who is putting the babies at the Nursery into a dangerous enchanted sleep. Harry missteps with the ghost and it retreats into the Nevernever. Harry and Michael are forced to follow before all the babies die in their sleep.

Grave Peril Chapter 3 Summary:

Harry talks with Susan about his latest case. A woman comes to his office and pleads for his protection, as she may not live through the night without it.

Grave Peril Chapter 4 Summary:

Harry is confronted with a potential new client. Lydia, a practitioner of the arts, begs for Dresden’s protection. She is afflicted with Cassandra’s tears which results in no one believing her predictions. Dresden finally decides to take her case, giving her his Talisman and telling her where to go for protection.

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