8.3 Grave Peril: Who You Gonna Call?

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we discuss Chapter 5-7 in which Dresden battles with Agatha Hagglethorn, does dirty by his fairy godmother Lea, and pouts about life while in jail.

Grave Peril Chapter 5 Summary:

Michael and Dresden travel to the Nevernever and battle Agatha. The two manage to put the spirit down and find out that the spirit has been tortured. Just before the two can leave the Nevernever, Dresden’s Godmother catches up to them.

Grave Peril Chapter 6 Summary:

Michael and Dresden are confronted by Lea, Dresden’s Godmother. Michael is unable to intervene due to the covenant that exists between Harry and Lea. Dresden tricks Lea and the two manage to escape the Nevernever.

Grave Peril Chapter 7 Summary:

Harry and Michael wait in jail to be bailed out. The two discuss the nature of their business until Charity arrives and bails them out. Susan drives Dresden home and they are met by two vampires.

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