8.6 Grave Peril: It’s Personal

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we discuss Chapter 11-13 in which Dresden takes a side trip to help a friend Micky Malone.

Grave Peril Chapter 11 Summary:

Dresden is met by Detective Rudolph and Detective Sergeant John Stallings. They convince Dresden to come with them to help a friend – Micky Malone. Outside the house Dresden finds evidence of a small violent scene.

Grave Peril Chapter 12 Summary:

Dresden waits for an invitation into the Malone house. Once he receives it he goes to see Micky who seems almost to be in a possessed like state

Grave Peril Chapter 13 Summary:

Dresden uses his wizard Sight to inspect Micky. He finds him ravaged in soul with a barbed wire spell wrapped around him, just like Agatha Hagglethorn. Dresden removes the spell and destroys it.

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