8.10 Grave Peril: A Fool’s Gambit

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we examine Chapter 20 and 21 in which Dresden and Michael take on the Nightmare to rescue Charity and Dresden makes foolish choices.

Grave Peril Chapter 20 Summary:

Dresden makes his way to Michaels house. He warns Michael of the Nightmare’s quest for revenge. They find that Charity has left the house and the two go off to look for her. Dresden finds out from the cashier that Charity has already left with the Nightmare.

Grave Peril Chapter 21 Summary:

Dresden makes his way into the cemetery and finds the Charity and the Nightmare. Harry fights with the Nightmare only to be badly injured. Lea appears and makes another bargain with Dresden that helps heal him enough to dispatch the Nightmare. She calls in the favor immediately and in a foolish move Dresden misuses Amoracchius, allowing Lea to abscond with it.

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