8.11 Grave Peril: Bound Thou Art

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we cover Chapter 22 & 23 in which Dresden unintentionally cries wolf at the hospital, and him and Michael go off to find a suspect.

Grave Peril Chapter 22 Summary:

Harry, Michael and Charity arrive at the hospital. Stallings shows up and gives Dresden Kravos’ journal. Harry joins Michael in the maternity ward and finds out that Charity’s labor ended up in complications. The two work out that the Nightmare is just a tool for someone else pulling the strings. They leave to search for a suspect.

Grave Peril Chapter 23 Summary:

Dresden and Michael return to Harry’s apartment where he sets up a spell to make contact with the Nightmare. Dresden calls upon the Nightmare and binds it to do no harm to anyone but Harry himself. The two plan what to do next.

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