8.13 Grave Peril: Deal Breaker

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we examine Chapter 26 and 27 in which Dresden and Michael look for the Nightmare’s Master but instead find Little Red Ridinghood. Susan learns a lesson about bartering

Grave Peril Chapter 26 Summary:

Dresden and Michael continue to try to find the master of the Nightmare at the Party. The two question a Roman Centurion only to find out he is a powerful Dragon. They continue their search and run into Susan who has forged her invitation leaving her at the mercy of the Red Court.

Grave Peril Chapter 27 Summary:

Lea makes her presence known at the party. Harry is greatly affected by her in his compromised state and begins to get weaker as the moments pass. Susan barters with Lea to purchase Dresden’s debt and gives Lea a year’s worth of her memories. Lea takes her leave and the group decide to leave as well, only to realize that Susan no longer remembers who Dresden is.

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