8.19 Grave Peril: Mushrooms for Liberty

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we examine Chapter 33-35 in which Dresden goes on a mushroom trip, makes the wrong type of entrance, and finds his girlfriend to be not quite right.

Grave Peril Chapter 33 Summary:

Dresden uses poison as a bargaining chip with Lea, which allows him to escape her grasp. Thomas and Michael stay behind to let Dresden escape. Dresden travels back from the Nevernever into Bianca’s mansion – directly into Bianca’s clutches.

Grave Peril Chapter 34 Summary:

Dresden wakes up locked in a room with Justine. As they are talking, Justine becomes unresponsive, and the ghost of Rachel appears. Dresden realizes her ghost is trapped there by Bianca. Justine wakes up again but is controlled by Kravos who is eager to torture Dresden the minute he falls asleep. Kravos releases Justine and they notice another person in the room – Susan, who is no longer completely human.

Grave Peril Chapter 35 Summary:

Susan gets her first taste of blood and begins to advance on Harry. He distracts her with a bloody towel and begins working a memory spell. Harry tells Susan that he loves her which allows his spell to work, breaking Lea’s enchantment in the process. Dresden comes up with a new plan for escape.

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