9.1 Summer Knight: It Never Rains, It Pours

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we discuss the first chapter of Summer Knight in which Dresden collects amphibian stool samples and a Ghoul performs makeup artistry.

Summer Knight Book Summary:

The Winter Queen of the Sidhe has purchased Dresden’s debt from his fairy godmother, Leanansidhe. She tells Dresden he can pay off his debt by doing three favors. Dresden initially refuses her request, but is forced by the White Council to accept the role of her Emissary as his Trial, else be stripped of his title of wizard and handed over to the Red Court vampires as a peace offering. Harry is forced to walk the line between multiple supernatural governments, all rooting for his death, all while trying not to get killed.

Summer Knight Chapter 1 Summary:

Dresden investigates strange weather patterns with Billy in Lake Meadow Park. While Dresden and Billy talk, an assassination attempt is made on Dresden by humans and a ghoul.

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