9.3 Summer Knight: Deal with the Devil

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we discuss Chapter 3 & 4 in which Dresden is propositioned by a Faerie Queen and then meets up with his old mentor Ebenezer.

Summer Knight Chapter 3 Summary:

Mab makes Dresden an offer he can’t refuse: 3 tasks to be performed for her in return for his freedom from his obligations. Dresden accepts the new deal and receives his first request – to solve the murder of a local artist and return a stolen item.

Summer Knight Chapter 4 Summary:

Harry makes his way to the location of the Council meeting where he meets up with his old mentor Ebenezer in the parking lot. Ebenezer reveals two other senior council members and a plan to help Dresden from judgment of the Merlin and the White Council. Unfortunately, their last supporter has been killed, leaving Harry vulnerable to the ultimate fate of the White Council.

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