9.9 Summer Knight: Fe Fi Fo Grum

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

We discuss Chapter 10 & 11 in which Dresden takes the Fairy 101 course, breaks into a dead man’s apartment, and gives flowers to an angry ogre.

Summer Knight Chapter 10 Summary:

Dresden descends into his lab in search of information after recovering from an unsettling dream of Susan. Harry learns more about the Sidhe court structure from Bob in hopes to narrow down a suspect in the death of Ronald Reuel.

Summer Knight Chapter 11 Summary:

Dresden pays a visit to Ronald Reuel’s apartment, only to find he wasn’t the first person to have the same idea. Harry confronts and steals a photograph from the other trespasser, only to end up in an altercation which reveals the man to be an Ogre. The fight ends prematurely with a neighbor calling the police and both parties leaving the scene.

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