9.10 Summer Knight: Greasy Wheel for a Guide

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we discuss Chapter 12 and 13 in which Dresden Crashes a Funeral, lands in a dumpster, gains a pizza, and bribes potbellied comets.

Summer Knight Chapter 12 Summary:

Dresden crashes Reuel’s Funeral and finds the trio in the Photo he recovered from Grum. Harry follows the three into the alley and promptly finds himself in a nearby dumpster. Billy shows up and provides Harry with bribery pizza.

Summer Knight Chapter 13 Summary:

Harry sets up a faerie trap and summons Toot-Toot. The faerie comes with a small militia of other faeries to collect the coveted reward of Pizza. In return for the pie, Toot-Toot provides Dresden with information and a tiny fairy guide to find the Ladies of the Winter and Summer Court.

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