9.13 Summer Knight: Summer’s Influence

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

We discuss Chapter 16 and 17 in which Dresden takes a side job, discovers a maltreated guest in the blue beetle, and takes his chances dining and dealing with the Summer Lady.

Summer Knight Chapter 16 Summary:

Dresden speaks with Meryl and Fix. Meryl hires Dresden to help find her friend Lily.  When Harry arrives at his car, he finds a very injured Elaine.

Summer Knight Chapter 17 Summary:

Dresden brings Elaine to the Summer Court to help with her injuries. Dresden eventually realizes he is in the presence of Aurora, the Summer Lady and asks her to help Elaine. Aurora tells Dresden he is vulnerable to the influence of Winter, and asks him to not help Winter in exchange for Aurora taking away his pain. Dresden declines and tells her he will find the killer before the war between Summer and Winter starts in two days time.

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