9.15 Summer Knight: Weed Killer

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we discuss Chapter 20 and 21 in which Dresden takes up gardening and Murphy becomes a very skilled lumberjack.

Summer Knight Chapter 20 Summary:

Harry battles it out with the Chlorofiend. In a desperate move, Dresden uses a wind spell to knock the monster under a set of metal shelves, temporarily detaining it. Harry joins back up with Murphy and the two head back into the store.

Summer Knight Chapter 21 Summary:

Dresden and Murphy fight off Grum using conventional methods but Murphy gets injured during the attack. Harry goes to get the Blue Beetle to get Murphy to safety but is forced to deal with the Chlorofiend. Dresden retrieves Murphy and have to deal with a final attack from both the Chlorofiend and an unknown gunman. They survive the ordeal and are able to make their escape from the scene.

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