9.17 Summer Knight: Unicorn Fodder

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we discuss Chapter 24 & 25 in which Dresden hitches a ride to the Mothers and questions his previous notions about Unicorns.

Summer Knight Chapter 24 Summary:

Harry attempts to call on the White Council for help but is railroaded by Morgan. Dresden packs supplies and makes his way to Elaine, who he finds is preparing to leave town. The two talk about her attack and Harry manages to convince Elaine to help him find a way to the Summer and Winter Mothers.

Summer Knight Chapter 25 Summary:

The mysterious carriage brings Dresden and Elaine to a mist-covered land. A raven leads the pair towards the location of the Mothers, but before they can get to them they find a Unicorn guarding the way. After an altercation with the beast, Elaine holds it back while Dresden makes a run to get to the Summer and Winter Mothers.

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