10.2 Death Masks: An Old Flame

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

We discuss Chapter 2 & 3 in which Harry is held at gunpoint by a priest, gets paid money to source out old rags, watches an ex throw down..

Death Masks Chapter 2 Summary:

Father Vincent begins to plead his case to Dresden when a paid hitman takes aim on them. Dresden and Father Vincent escape in the Blue Beetle, but during their exit, Harry see’s more hired men and recognizes one of the assailants to be Hendrix – hired hand of Gentleman Johnny Marcone.

Death Masks Chapter 3 Summary:

Once to the safety of Father Vincent’s hotel, he enlists Dresden to recover a stolen artifact for the Church – the one and only Shroud of Turin. Dresden accepts the case and heads back to his apartment to be surprised by the end of an altercation, which happens to involve the long lost Susan.

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