12.8 Blood Rites: Snickers Satisfies

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

We discuss Chapter 10 & 11 in which Dresden hires a Merc of Mystery for vampire genocide, and has a heart to heart with his thug for hire.

Blood Rites Chapter 10 Summary:

Harry is led into his office and trapped in a magical binding circle. He discovers the would-be assailant is Kincaid, whom Dresden had contacted to meet prior. The two discuss and agree to work together to attack and put down Mavra’s Black Court Scourge.

Blood Rites Chapter 11 Summary:

Dresden heads to the SI unit to pick up his k9 ward and talk with Murphy. He finds Murphy in a miserable state as a result of the upcoming family reunion she faces. The pair have a heart to heart about family. Harry updates Karrin on the plan for the Black Court and asks her to do some internet sleuthing for him.

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