12.21 Blood Rites: Cabrini-Conflict

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we discuss Chapter 29 & 30 in which Dresden, Murphy and Kincaid play Red Cross dress up, and Ebenezar has a hissy fit about Kincaid.

Blood Rites Chapter 29 Summary:

Ebenezar picks up Murphy and Dresden. In route to meet Kincaid in Cabrini-Green, Harry updates Murphy on the Black Court Vampires information from Bob. Once there, Murphy and Dresden go first to  meet Kincaid and prepare for the invasion. However, once Ebenezar comes with the truck, there is an immediate conflict between him and Kincaid.

Blood Rites Chapter 30 Summary:

Kincaid and Ebenezer standoff due to a history of bad blood. Dresden talks them down and convinces them to work together. Kincaid assigns weapons to each of them and solidifies what tactics they will use for the attack.

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