8.20 Grave Peril: A Deadly Dreamscape

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

Here we examine Chapter 36-37 in which Dresden dreams a little dream and adventures with duckies throughout a vampire infested manor.

Grave Peril Chapter 36 Summary:

Dresden enters the dreamworld and faces off with Kravos. Kravos kills Harry in the dream but is resuscitated in the real world by Susan, resulting in a ghost version of Harry. They overpower and defeat Kravos allowing Harry to get his powers back. Dresden returns to the real world and the trio begin to make their escape from the room but are stopped by Kyle and Kelly.

Grave Peril Chapter 37 Summary:

Dresden with the help of Susan dispatches Kelly and Kyle. Harry finds Bob and his magical equipment, but quickly notices they’ve lost Susan. Dresden makes it out of the basement to confront Bianca and her henchmen.

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