Episode 4 - Accountant with a Gun Today we’re discussing the seventh chapter of Jim Butcher’s Storm Front where we meet the warden Morgan. We have our first guest speaker, Jay! Read More ...
Episode 3 - Pizza and Sporting We review and discuss Chapters 4 through 6 of Jim Butcher's Storm Front Read More ...
Episode 2 - Green Eyes and Broken Hearts Today we’re discussing the second and third chapters of Jim Butcher’s Storm Front. Read More ...
Episode 1 - I'm a Wizard; Harry Welcome to our very first Dresden Files podcast!  In this episode we introduce ourselves, discuss the book Storm Front as a whole, and delve into the first chapter of the book. We meet Harry Dresden, Wizard and Private Investigator for Hire! Read More ...
Welcome to the McAnally’s Pubcast, a podcast dedicated to the Dresden Files Universe created by Jim Butcher. Listen to our Intro for more information about the podcast! Read More ...

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So exciting! Great sound quality and interesting literary topic. Congrats and wishing you continued success!


This podcast is leaps and bounds better than others I’ve heard.


Loved the podcast. It’s really great to follow up the stories while having deeper discussions.

I’m looking forward to the next episode.


Followed on Spotify and listened to first episode! Was a really good listen! Looking forward to more episodes.


I listened on my drive Friday evening. Really enjoyed it. I’ll keep tuning in!