12.10 Blood Rites: Revolutionary Boink Czar

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

We discuss Chapter 13 & 14 in which we learn Arturo is the Erotic Egalitarian, Murphy obsesses over yayas, and Harry throws ashtrays around.

Blood Rites Chapter 13 Summary:

Dresden contacts Murphy and she provides some background history on Arturo. While they’re on the phone, an assailant attacks Harry with a poisoned blowgun dart.

Blood Rites Chapter 14 Summary:

Dresden makes his way to the set and is assigned to assist Joan. Filming kicks off without a hitch but near the end of the night Harry comes across a mysterious figure fleeing the set. Harry apprehends the figure who turns out to be Thomas. Just before Dresden can get any answers from Thomas, Lara has snuck up and intervened.

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