12.11 Blood Rites: The Game

McAnally’s Pubcast – A Dresden Files Podcast

We cover Chapter 15 & 16 where Harry is exposed to Raith family political drama, Lara decides to kill them all, and the black court arrives.

Blood Rites Chapter 15 Summary:

Lara has Dresden and Thomas held at gunpoint, whom we discover is Thomas’ older sister. Thomas pleads for her to help him with his struggles with the Raith household but Lara is more inclined to remove Thomas and Harry from the equation with her pistols.

Blood Rites Chapter 16 Summary:

Lara shoots Thomas when they attempt to make a break for it. Thomas manages to distract Lara and save Harry and allow him to get a fire spell off at Lara. As Dresden tries to get Thomas to safety he mistakes Inari for an enemy and she knocks him nearly unconscious. Lara comes to take over the scene when three Black Court vampires arrive to threaten everyone there.

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