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The Dresden Files have 3.5 RPG books, (using the FATE system, a derivative form of Dungeons and Dragons) filled with lore and commentary from a variety of characters in the DF universe. Some of these books are widely available and some have been out of print for years. Due to a slightly insane eBay bid, we have all 4 books, and will also use them as reference points when relevant, but we will advise when that happens. Those books are as follows:

Volume 1: Your Story
Volume 2: Our World
Volume 3: Paranet Papers
Dresden Files RPG Accelerated Version (+ “We’ll Always Have Parish” Companion Game on Roll20)

Volume 1 + 2

Your Story and Our World were the first 2 In-Universe RPG books. They are “written” by Billy Borden, with help from Bob.

It is up to date until Turn Coat, book 11. (Set approximately in 2010).

The two series cover all of the rules and lore you need to run your own in-universe game, however they recommend you don’t use Chicago as the setting so you don’t have to worry about all the ways Dresden is ruining everything there. Plus you can consider your own game as canon-compliant forever, just elsewhere.

Volume 3

The Paranet Papers came shortly after, and was also “written” by Billy and Bob.

It included information up to Changes, book 12. (Set approximately in 2011).

It added more lore, spoilers and information about background characters, monsters and classes, but otherwise fell into line with the first 2.

DF Accelerated Version

This is the condensed version. Volumes 1-3 are now out of print, and Evil Hate Productions recommends that you start with this version anyways. It contains everything the original versions covered, however more manageable. They are “written” by Ivy and Kincaid.

It is relevant up until Skin Game, book 15. (Set approximately in 2014).

While condensing the game play mechanics, it still includes tons of lore and it is just as hilarious as the first 3 volumes. It also brings stats to previously “untouchable” NPCs like Titania and Nicodemus, so you have all the freedom to go wild. The book also seems to hint at foreshadowing….

ROLL20s “We’ll Always Have Parish” Companion Game

A pre-built module made with Roll20, set in New Orleans. Published in 2020.

This is a great example of how to build and play a game set in the DF universe, It comes with pre-made NPC and PC characters, a few pre-conceived conflicts and a general outline for a ready made game.

They all use the FATE mechanic system, with a few tweaks to be Dresden-verse relevant, and the accelerated version helps streamline, clear up and simplify the overall game. All in all, Dresden and non Dresden fans can have a fun time in the modern fantasy universe presented in these games. There’s handfuls of sticky notes throughout the books outside of the main 4 authors, and they’re also fantastic companion pieces for the general lore, outside of the RPG element.

More to Come…

As the rpg becomes more relevant, this page and others will be updated to reflect that, but for now,happy reading, gaming, and rolling dice.

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